Business Resiliency

Coaching, Training, & Development

Developing BR planners to be proficient, effective, & influential           without having years of experience.     
Program implementation is always
Outcome Focused & Capability Centric 


Learn it  -  Work it  -  Adjust it  -  Fast
Execution trumps knowledge every time

Our graduates no longer struggle with...

...confidence in their ability to move forward  with success
...being minimized and neglected
...having the right tools to be successful and knowing how to use them 
...knowing how to keep simple the complex and sharing it with others

...focusing on establishing favorable results    and outcomes 
...long and drawn out series of activities that waste time and minimizes participation
...prioritizing what is essential based on the results they want to achieve
...engaging in continuity conversations even though they are not in charge 

...governance, program maturity, and measuring what matters
...the more difficult tasks like BIA's, table-top exercises, and training other

Our students love us

This course was enjoyable and easy to follow. The skills touched on all areas that I need to be familiar with in order to conduct my duties as a BC practitioner. The addition of Measuring Results is a concept we do not currently use and is a great way to validate the program.

Enjoyed the course, was very valuable.
Phil provides good information that is based in real-life experiences. The focus on engagement and how to approach discussions, trainings, and exercises make it easier to trust that I'm not following a bunch of unproven principles as I meet with people who might feel like I'm wasting their time. 
I wish I had taken this course a long time ago. My career would have been different. It would have shaved hundreds of challenging moments learning by trail and error. I'm looking forward to your next course.

I found it very informative from beginning to end. Thank you.
Fantastic course. Well put together. Pace of conveying concepts and information was perfect.  

The bi-weekly LIVE Sessions were great and appreciated the opportunity to share challenges/questions and hearing how others are running their BC programs. Thank you.

to date

...perfect would be 5 stars

Years designing
workshops & courses
1. ENROLL IN A Course
Learn easy to remember core fundamentals and practical insights through 32 mini 20 minute sessions. You will first learn WHAT to do...
2. Learn the secrets
...then learn HOW to successfully execute the strategies you just learned with higher levels of participation.
3. Do the stuff
Succeed with confidence knowing you have the right strategies & tools,
and you know how to use them.
Plus we'll support you along the way with LIVE Sessions twice a month. 
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Business Resiliency Made Simple

At Lambert Learning, we know you are a person who wants to be respected, equipped to do a good job, and meet the organization's expectations. The most proficient way to establish these goals is to be properly trained.  

The problem is, how do you find and have confidence in a training company when you don’t even know the right questions to ask? How frustrating and lack of confidence one has when looking for the information you can act upon. We believe no one should have to deal with this dilemma. We understand that this state of hesitancy only makes things worse; the longer we wait to decide, the worst the situation gets.  

Here is how it works. First thing to do is to pick the course you need and enroll. Once the course begins, you can immediately set off on your journey of learning the secrets that usually take years of experience to learn. Once you learn these secrets, apply them by working with others in your organization. You’ll immediately sense your level of confidence growing because you’ll have the courage to take that first step, the tools in hand you need, and you’ll have a clear implementation plan to guide you.