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Simulation Exercise Blueprint

Simple | Practical 
blueprint with the 4 phases of performing an exercise where each phase is a step-by-step process  
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5 Must Haves for

Easy Read | Outline
5 Steps is all it takes to grow from a wandering generality to a meaningful specific.
Do you dare to be extraordinary?
"Do something every day that scares you." Eleanor Roosevelt. 

4 Mindset Shifts

Video Blog | 20 mins
It's not just what you do that matters. It's how you go about doing it that has the greatest influence for achievement.     Learn that execution trumps knowledge ever time.
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THE BC Glossary
 from DRJ

Web Site | Updated Often Terminology is important in any field. So much more in the resiliency industry because of so much cross-over of disciplines, resiliency strategies, and  recoverability factors. 
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Understanding Organizational Culture

20 Minutes | On-Demand
1 Session | 1 Worksheet 
Learn what culture is, how it influences the implementation of a BC Program, and how to identify it's prominent characteristics within your own organization.
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Beginners Guide to Business Continuity

eBook | Download PDF
The focus of this e-book is to help practitioners and senior leaders in keeping their business resilient, specifically by developing their own business continuity program. This strategies are practical, efficient, and they work when needed the most.
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Challenges for New Resilience & Business Continuity Professionals Part 1

It's not easy starting a new role; it's downright challenging for new individuals trying to navigate the Business Continuity/Resilience landscape and training. 
In Part 1 of our discussion, you'll find Phil's insight will certainly help new industry professionals moves their careers forward. Enjoy!
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Challenges for New Resilience & Business Continuity Professionals Part 2

In Part 2 of my talk with Phil Lambert (Lambert Learning), we continue our talk on the challenges faced by new Business Continuity and Resilience professionals.
It's obvious Phil wants to help new resilience and BC professionals, so don't miss out in his insights and ideas on how to make your BC/Resilience path successful.
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Business Continuity
is a Team Sport 
coming soon

More than ever, today's practitioner must focus on People who are knowledgeable, trained, and ready. Every resilient organization is made up with equipped and empowered team of teams.
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Lambert Learning Podcast

Lambert Learning Podcast are the LIVE Session Hot Topics we presented to all current students. Provided her are the most popular topics.
If you have a question or have
a topic you would like us to cover, just let us know.   Enjoy.