About us

Our mission is to equip and empower
business continuity planners

Lambert Learning is a business continuity training and development organization.
We have created a training curriculum that takes the guesswork out of implementation.
People who are properly trained are positioned to learn quicker and become more effective
and influential as they gain experience and competence.   

Phil Lambert

President & CEO
Lambert Learning Institute
About me
Phil is a professional Business Continuity Practitioner passionate about the role of a planner and enjoys sharing his knowledge of crisis preparedness & response. Phil has the gift of taking the complex and making it simple to understand, logical to remember, and easy to communicate it to others. Phil is known for his content rich presentations filled with charts, graphs, and illustrations that make learning easy.  

Phil has said many times his goal is to lower the high hurdles so novice can easily engage in business continuity and to stay longer in the profession. Phil provides a training curriculum that takes the guesswork out of implementation. He not only focuses on tactics and strategies but develops the individual to be productive in implementing the program as they consider their own organizational culture.

Phil’s ultimate goal is to see every professional business continuity practitioner as extraordinary.

Lambert Learning has created a training curriculum that takes the guesswork out of implementation. When you are properly trained you have the confidence, tools, and strategies to lead your business continuity program as it takes its proper shape, and your organization becomes more resilient. 

Learn from people who have been in your shoes. Learn from their mistakes, their shortcomings, and failures. It's much more cost effective and saves a lot of time and heartache. Lambert Learning courses and workshops are filled with real-world experiences, lessons learned first hand, and insights into what works well,

Having the right person, at the right place, with the right skills, at the right time, is the workforce model every individual and organization hopes for.  

The educational firm of Rapid Continuity

How Lambert Learning Can Help?

Training that is:
     Relevant & Timely
     Engaging & Fun
     Practical & Actionable
     Short & Digestible

Full Courses

Full length courses with multiple sessions often leading to certification

Virtual Workshops

Live Courses and Workshops conducted virtually for individuals, teams, and corporations. Using the latest in technology and methods. 

Mini Courses

Short, precise, and to the point courses focused on one skill, tactic, tool, or mindset.

Micro Sessions | Lakeside Chats

Participate in our micro sessions where we share thoughts and ideas, increase the conversation, and  get help on a variety of subjects 

On-Demand Courses & Sessions

Enhance your learning by on-demand virtual courses and sessions 24/7.  When you are ready, you can access high-quality recorded sessions on your desktop and mobile

Coaching Services

Individual and team coaching services.
Program architectural services are also available.  
Our philosophy

We believe in people

People are the building block of resiliency, and within an organization, it starts with the professional practitioner who engages, equips, and empowers the organization with confidence that we can recover.

People often think of an organization’s assets in terms of cash, inventory, buildings, equipment, and other tangible assets. However, the most important asset can make or break the success of today’s businesses. We’re talking about people. The company's employees, customers, community, and stakeholders. A company cannot survive with them!