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We can flip the typical BC objective
of preserving organizational value,
to creating it.

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Rapid Continuity® Program Model

Outcome Focused & Capability Centric

     ...where the complex is simplified
     ...only what is essential is priority
     ...implementation takes half as long works when you need it the most

The Rapid Continuity® Program Model approaches continuity planning with a specific mindset to achieve a state of readiness to face any adversity or challenge and to identify new threats, risks, and opportunities in real-time.

The Rapid Continuity Program Model represents a breakthrough in the design and approach to the strategic and tactical implementation of a holistic business continuity program and focuses on driving measurable results and achieving well-defined outcomes.

With a Rapid Continuity mindset, you’ll have the confidence, tools, and strategies to lead your business continuity program as it takes its proper shape, and your organization becomes more resilient.   

Rapid Continuity transitions business continuity planning from stewards of value preservation to business partners in value creation.   

Valuable continuity is not only about passing audit, creating exceptional plans, or gathering as much data as you can find. None of these activities will give you what is essential, a strategy that works when needed the most.

When you focus on achieving the right results, you will have a resilient organization.  

Rapid Continuity’s Program Cornerstones:

          Practitioner Skills & Competencies
          Program Strategies & Methodology 
          Program Execution 
          Governance, Compliance, & Maturity

Rapid Continuity's 3 Pillars of Resiliency:

People:                knowledgeable, trained, & ready

Documentation:   simple, accurate, & viable

Resources:           accessible, functional, & adequate


The ideas that eventually became Rapid Continuity 
Rapid Continuity's registered trademark was established in 2006 and still today is continuing in our collaborative efforts to make it even better. It all started when we asked ourselves, 'how can one planning do the same amount of work at 3 legacy trained practitioners?" We called this first initiative the 'Power of One Program."

Having to re-imagine what business continuity planning might look like in the future while considering  restrictive budgets and limited engagement, we've been "re-imagining business continuity" ever since. In 2003 we read Tom Peters book, "Re-Imagine" which expanded our vision and determination.  We ventured out to embrace creativity, innovation, and change while focusing on increasing the quality of results and defined outcomes.

Every programs first mandate is to ensure “We can recover.” The program must work when it's needed the most. The second mandate was to make it as easy as we can for people to participate in our program. And we have achieved both of these mandates. We have also achieved a program “worth paying for,” by flipping the value preservation mantra to being a partner in value creation.

With Rapid Continuity's tactics, tools, and trainings, our desire is that everyone would become an Extraordinary Practitioner.