5 Must Haves for 2024

Jan 9
You can not be successful and confused at the same time. Removing the noise and clutter around you to make progress is a hard.

Here are five ideas when implemented will help you to find clarity and distinction in each day.

One of the most important questions asked often throughout life must be; "In five years I will arrive. The question is where?" ...and only you can decide on that.

Take on one of these 5 steps for two months and focus on it becoming part of your life, and every aspect of your life will become extraordinary. 


Constant Learner:

         Focus on what doesn’t change

                    Ask yourself, what will not change  

                    Study the foundational and proven rules 

                    Play by the rules… but there are no rules

         An enemy called average

                    Average just opens the door to the game

                    Extraordinary results are often created with fewer actions than most realize

                    Find out how much you can accomplish…

                            …rather than how little you can get away with

         Accept, stimulate, and embrace change

                    Accept that change will come from others  

                    Be brave, stimulate change

                    Embrace the possibility of change first, rather than resist it

         Execution trumps knowledge every time

                    “But those woulda-coulda-shoulda all ran away and hid from the Did.”  

                          -Shel Silverstein

                    What’s the ONE thing I can do

                    The depth of understanding & ownership comes from trial and error


Focus on People

         We get what we focus on

                    As you become those whom you spend time with…

                    We will receive those things we focus on

                    Intentionally focus

         Be trustworthy

                    ALL business starts and ends with trust

                    Personal credibility is the foundation

                    Promises and commitments

          Alignment through shared vision

                    People follow those who are going somewhere

                    Share the outcomes you are committed to, OFTEN

         Asking versus telling

                    Change your questions, change your life

                    Stimulate conversations by asking questions

                    Have an inquiring mind AND a listening ear

Value-add Contributor

         Be intentional

                    Wandering generality to a meaningful specific

                    The urgent versus the important

         Make it easy | Cut it in half

                    Make it as easy as you can for people to participate in your program

                    Cut everything in half: documentation, content, presentations,

         Focus on finding solutions

                    Identifying problems is worthless unless you will pursue a solution

                    Focus on root causes and not symptoms

         Do work worth paying for

                    Discover the product and your story as something worth paying for

                    WIN = what is important now


         Frame possibility

                    If you knew the answer, what would look like

                    Let’s ignore the problems and find ways to make it happen

         Give way to passion

                    Passion is a magnet to others

                    Passion is contagious

                    If you don’t have it, pretend until you do

          Be a starter

                    Don’t wait for others to start something

                    And you don’t always need permission

         You are the message, light a spark

                    You don’t have to start a forest fire

                    Just light spark in others, they can take it from there 


         Change the routine

                    Use your opposite hand – take a different route –

                    Dress differently today – eat dinner for breakfast

                    Leave your phone at home

         Asset versus deficit thinking

                    Think about what you do have and don’t focus on what you don’t have

                    Open up possibilities by eliminating why it can’t be done

                    Change the way you see everything, it is up to you 

         Shift focus creates power

                    Shifting focus, strategy, even how you see things, creates power & solutions

                    If it’s not working, shift

                    If those around you are not lifting you up, or believe in you, shift

         Bring you best, do your best, every day

                    Nobody can ask anymore of you

                    Encourage, challenge, push, or pat you on the butt = YES 

                    Set your best mindset first thing