Understanding Organizational Culture

  • Level: Everyone
  • On-demand  
  • Mini: 20 minutes
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Course overview
Learn what culture is, how it influences BC implementation, and how to identify the prominent characteristics of your organization's culture. 
  • Cornerstone 3: Service Execution
  • Includes Org Culture Assessment
  • Interactive Video - on-demand

Phil Lambert

Course designer, instructor, program architect, writer, speaker
Author & Instructor of the course
Phil Lambert is a visionary, game changer, and challenges outdated program strategies that do not produce the outcomes we set out to achieve.

Phil is an expert in the contingency planning field with over 24 years of experience. He has proven success in the design, development, and implementation of an enterprise wide continuity program based on an organization’s risk appetite, aligned with their culture, and produces the outcomes senior leaders ask for.

Phil has conducted 150 live workshops and counting throughout America and served on a team of developers in designing, developing, and publishing over 240 custom designed training modules for his clients.