How to Conduct Powerful Exercises,
                      Every Time

      The art of designing & conducting high impact exercises that engages people,
                              makes learning stick, and increases crisis readiness.
  • LIVE Facilitated 
  • Phil Lambert   
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Course overview
In this workshop you'll learn how to design, develop, and facilitate disaster simulation exercises, how to create a safe learning environment for greater discovery, how to ask powerful questions, and how to measure the results.
Student will also learn how to establish buy-in and support for exercises and how to get people to show up! 
Course is highly interactive and practical.
Learn not only what exercises are, but how to deliver powerful exercises, every time.

  • LIVE instructor-led Workshop
  • Interactive hands-on 
  • 2 LIVE Days, 3 hours per day   
  • Certificate & 6 CEU's Awarded
  • Access On-Demand for 12 months
Training planners to ensure their program works when it is needed the most!  

Resiliency begins when people in the organization are engaged, equipped, and empowered to respond with purpose, clarity, and resolution to any adversity or challenge. This is the outcome of conducting powerful disaster simulation exercises.

Most business continuity planners face a unique set of challenges when it comes to designing and conducting a disaster simulation exercise. Exercises then become the most neglected activity when planning, yet the most powerful in achieving resiliency outcomes.

This course will take the guesswork out of the design, development, and facilitation of simulation exercises. We walk you through the process step by step. That way, you can stop running in circles and earn the confidence and gain the expertise you need to conduct powerful exercises for years to come.    

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Design powerful reality based exercises that maximizes challenging learning experiences, sets participants up for success, and leverages the exercise debrief for exploring learning opportunities. 


Develop every aspect of the exercise including scenario timing, injects, challenges, team work activities, supporting documentation, after action report, and final follow-up report.


Facilitate the exercise that maximizes learning. Not to give them answers, but to draw out of the participants the right solutions as they face the challenges of the exercise. 


Celebrate that people in the organization are engaged, equipped, and empowered. That means less resistance, lower stress, and more celebrating. And you'll see measurable progress. 

How to Conduct Powerful Exercises, Every Time
LIVE Instructor Lead  Workshop

Two days 3-hours Live Virtual Sessions | Access On-demand materials for one year 
LIVE Class Meets on Wednesday & Thursday @ 11:00a Central Time
Certificate Awarded &  6 CEU's Earned


Learn how to engage people into the process of business continuity to establish buy-in, ownership, and participation.


Learn how to institute the appropriate tactics, supply the right tools, and train people accurately to achieve program outcomes.


Learn how to structure the BC Program team members for success and maturity, as
they develop their people, documentation, and resources. 
   Resiliency is established when people are engaged, equipped, and empowered
to respond with purpose, clarity, and resolution to any adversity or challenge.